Ketubah Text Offerings

We offer the following text options for modern Hebrew and English. When choosing your text, please first choose an intro paragraph (this paragraph will have your personalized information) and then choose your main text choice. You can make these selections on your Order Form.

Intro Text Options (English & Modern Hebrew)
Intro Paragraph 1
Intro Paragraph 2
Intro Paragraph 3
Intro Paragraph 4
Intro Paragraph 5
Intro Paragraph 6
Intro Paragraph 7

Main Text Options (English & Modern Hebrew)
Secular 1
Secular 2
Reform 1
Reform 2
Humanistic 1
Humanistic 2
> Canadian Reform

If you are selecting conservative or orthodox ketubah text, you will need to have your rabbi fill out the "Rabbi Form". It's best if YOU send us the "Rabbi Form" along with your "Order Form". If your rabbi is sending the "Rabbi Form" directly to us, please make sure that we know who it's for and that your "Order Form" has already been submitted, otherwise we will not know who the "Rabbi Form" belongs to.

> Conservative Hebrew Text
Conservative Rabbi Form

> Orthodox Hebrew Text
Orthodox Rabbi Form

Please view our signature line options for conservative or orthodox text before selecting your choice of signature lines.

NOTE: there is no direct English translation for conservative or orthodox text. You may add any of our standard English text options to the bottom of the conservative or orthodox Hebrew text (if space allows). Please make sure to get your rabbi’s approval to add English.