Mazel Tov Simcha Chair Backings (burlap)

Mazel Tov Simcha Chair Backings (burlap)
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~ two embroidered signs made with burlap fabric (13"x7")
~ embroidery thread in black
~ extra long satin ribbon ties in black

~ "Mazel Tov" (in English)
~ "מזל טוב" (in Hebrew)

The Hora - is the tradition where the bride and groom hold on to each other by a handkerchief and are lifted in chairs by their joyful guests and represented as "Kings & Queens" for the night.

You'll be rejoicing "Mazel Tov!" with our handcrafted simcha chair backings. Made from burlap with "Mazel Tov" embroidered in black thread. Chair signs are easy to tie onto the chair and will fit most chair backs.

Simcha chair backings can be used over and over! Use them for birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs and any simcha celebration!

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